US values thrown overboard in Obama’s Africa visit

President Obama was welcomed by protestors in South Africa who clearly showed their dismay United States President Barack Obama has ended his visit to Africa that seems to have gone against all the principles of American foreign policy. When dealing with Africa, American presidents, particularly Barack Obama, have always pushed certain values – democracy, human rights observance, gender equality and the fight against corruption. They rate African countries according to these values which they also use as criteria for establishing relations or close ties – at least publicly. On President Obama’s just ended visit, these cherished ideals were noticeably absent from his agenda. Even his choice of countries to visit, especially in East Africa, had nothing to do with adherence to these ideals. That should not come as a surprise since even the American media reported that Obama’s tour of a few African countries had more to do with natural resources and concern about China’s presence in (...)Read more

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Kagame: Rwanda Is A Resilient Nation

On the second day of his three day visit to Israel, Rwanda President Paul Kagame met with thirty Rwanda students undergoing training offered through the ongoing partnership between the Ministry (...)(...)Read more

Kagame Attends 5th Israel Presidential Summit

President Paul Kagame and the first lady, on June 17 arrived in Jerusalem, Israel, to attend the fifth Israel Presidential Conference themed “The Human Factor in Shaping Tomorrow.” On the first (...)(...)Read more

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"That investors are pursuing high yields is perhaps one unintended consequence of the global financial crisis. But that should not diminish how encouraging it is that investors also embraced the chance to seek returns beyond the usual commodity-growth story." - President Kagame
"Every country has to define its own path and set its own priorities before even seeking external assistance" — First Lady Jeannette Kagame
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